NASM Certified Personal Trainer Certification

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Largely based on its Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model, NASM implements the most current scientific research from the field of human performance into their certifications. Their CPT cert is more geared towards training of physically active individuals and competitive athletes, however NASM's specializations branch out into the realm of rehabilitation, nutrition and special populations. You can learn more about the organization and its CPT certification here.

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How Much is the NASM Exam?

NASM offers a variety of study aids for purchase to help you prepare for the exam; these aids range from $19.99 for just the practice exam itself to $199.00 for a hands-on in-person CPT Exam Preparation Workshop. They also offer exam prep bundles to include both variations of the practice exam with the option to add on flash cards as well.

To take the exam itself, there are a variety of options ranging from $599.00 to $2399.00; this post will discuss your options under $1000.00. The least expensive is simply the exam itself and is intended for individuals with active CPT knowledge. It costs $599.00.

The next option is the CPT self-study, which allows you to learn at your own pace. It comes with the certification exam, an online practice exam, textbook, 7+ hours of online content, an online exercise library, interactive learning activities, interactive program design module, and an electronic flash card bundle. It costs $699.00

You can also opt to enroll in the CPT self study option plus the live workshop. If you planned on taking the live workshop already, this option will save you $50. This package also includes the exam prep super bundle instead of only flashcards. In total, it costs $849.00.

The final option swaps out the live workshop for an online classroom called CPT eTeach. While this option costs $999.00, it also has the benefit of an instructor led 9-week course with videos, quizzes, study guides, a mid-term, and more to help you successfully pass the NASM CPT exam.